leistungen: live sound design

Counterparts –
an interactive, audiovisual light installation.

The objective of Counterparts is to illustrate the loss of control and alienation of one’s own digital identity online. It does so in an abstract way through the use of projection mapping, tracking, face recognition and interactive sound. With regards to the above the installation visually translates a digital space into a real space. The aim is to give the visitor a feeling varying between disassociation and fascination.

Two white low poly sculptures face each other at a distance of five meters in a dark room, outlined by white LED-tubes. The visitor can enter the room but must agree beforehand to having his picture taken by a webcam via face recognision. As soon as the visitor enters the room he is surrounded by a net of white, interactive lines projected on the floor. Moreover his image is projected onto the two sculptures. The longer the exposure to the installation, the more the projection of his image changes as a result of fragmentation, multiplication, and the use of hue, desaturation and blending. While withdrawing from the sculpture, the visitor can see his image glitch, deform and completely fall apart.

Concept Direction : Paula Schwabe
Technical Direction: Marcel Ruegenberg
Producer: Philipp Monjoie | Paula Schwabe
Music: Chiara Strickland
Sound Design: Marc Fragstein
Face Tracking: Benjamin Wingert
Motion Design: Martin Boué | Jörg Kahlhöfer

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